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The Psychology of Sales How to Persuade and Influence Customers | Insurance Agency Playbook

August 28, 2023 The Insurance Dudes: Craig Pretzinger & Jason Feltman Season 3 Episode 625
The Insurance Dudes
The Psychology of Sales How to Persuade and Influence Customers | Insurance Agency Playbook
Show Notes

Clients! That’s what you have to call them, they aren’t customers, they’re clients!

Tune into this very insightful episode of the playbook! Today Jason Feltman discusses the effective sales strategies tailored for the insurance sector specifically.

Advocating for establishing genuine connections with clients, Jason stresses the necessity of understanding your clients before launching into product details. By doing so, agents can avoid overwhelming their clients with irrelevant information!

Delving into the art of storytelling and leveraging fear as a motivational tool, Jason emphasizes how telling relatable stories and simultaneously highlighting potential issues that insurance can help mitigate can help you build and retain long-term clients!

Join us to learn the core principles of successful insurance sales to revolutionize your sales strategies, foster meaningful conversations, and ultimately drive success for your insurance agency!

The Insurance Dudes are on a mission to find the best insurance agentsaround the country to find out how they are creating some of the top agencies. But they do not stop there, they also bring professionals from other industries for insights that can help agents take their agencies to the next level. 

The Insurance Dudes focus on your agency’s four pillars: Hiring, Training, Marketing and Motivation! We have to keep the sword sharp if we want our agencies to thrive. 

Insurance Dudes are leaders in their home, at their office and in their community. This podcast will keep you on track with like minded high performing agents while keeping entertained!

About Jason and Craig:

Both agents themselves, they both have scaled to around $10 million in premium.  After searching for years for a system to create predictability in their agencies, they developed the Telefunnel after their interviews with so many agents and business leaders.  

Taking several years, tons of trial and error, and hundreds of thousands of dollars on lead spend, they’ve optimized their agencies and teams to write tons of premium, consistently, and nearly on autopilot!

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