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Insurance Narratives, Laughter, and Story-Telling with Larry Nisenson! PART 1

February 12, 2024 The Insurance Dudes: Craig Pretzinger & Jason Feltman Season 3 Episode 672
The Insurance Dudes
Insurance Narratives, Laughter, and Story-Telling with Larry Nisenson! PART 1
Show Notes

Welcome back to another power-packed and witty episode of the Insurance Podcast!
Our terrific hosts sit down with Larry Nisenson, an insurance professional hailing from Princeton, New Jersey, to discuss his captivating story leading to a deep discussion about long-term care insurance.
As the conversation unfolds, Larry reveals his transition from a retail salesperson to a role focused on helping financial advisors and insurance agents navigate complex products through the art of storytelling. The discussion eventually moves into the challenges agents face when introducing long-term care insurance, addressing the reluctance some may feel due to the intricacies of these products. After the discussion, Larry provides the listening agents with comforting advice in the right direction.
The episode takes a thought-provoking turn as Larry discusses the prevalent issue of scams targeting the elderly and the lack of a robust support system for the aging population in the United States. He emphasizes the need for intentional conversations about long-term care, urging agents to break the cycle and address their own needs to avoid burdening future generations. 
📻 Tune in to learn more about elderly care in terms of insurance with a little bit of laughter and wit sprinkled all along the podcast with our amazing guest, Larry, and the hosts.

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