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7 Mistakes Insurance Agents Should Avoid to Maximize Sales | Insurance Agency Playbook

August 21, 2023 The Insurance Dudes: Craig Pretzinger & Jason Feltman Season 3 Episode 623
The Insurance Dudes
7 Mistakes Insurance Agents Should Avoid to Maximize Sales | Insurance Agency Playbook
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Tune in for another info-filled episode of the playbook and learn how you can avoid these 7 mistakes and maximize sales at your agency.
This time Jason talks about 7 key elements agencies miss out on, whether it is the missing piece in hiring the right agent or not coaching your team accountability, he covers it all!
Learn the significance of connecting insurance solutions with your individual customer needs and the key value of humanizing your sales process so you can cultivate a culture of growth and growth only at your agency.
Learn the art of confidently asking for a sale, the importance of follow-ups, and how you can use KPIs to steer your agency toward success.
Keep listening to become a Pro at running your agency!

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About Jason and Craig:

Both agents themselves, they both have scaled to around $10 million in premium.  After searching for years for a system to create predictability in their agencies, they developed the Telefunnel after their interviews with so many agents and business leaders.  

Taking several years, tons of trial and error, and hundreds of thousands of dollars on lead spend, they’ve optimized their agencies and teams to write tons of premium, consistently, and nearly on autopilot!

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Craig Pretzinger & Jason Feltman
The Insurance Dudes

Jason Feltman:

My name is Jason Feldman. And I'm here with a playbook telling you seven mistakes insurance agents should avoid to maximize their sales. So let's get started in dive into number one.

Craig Pretzinger:

Insurance dudes are on a mission to escape big hit by our agents,

Jason Feltman:

Tao by uncovering the secrets to creating a predictable, consistent and profitable agency Sales Machine.

Craig Pretzinger:

I am Craig Pretzinger.

Jason Feltman:

I am Jason Feldman. We are agents. We are insurances. Stop hiring for experience. Okay. Like I understand, like, I did the same thing when I first started and I hired for experience. And we made a lot of really terrible hires at the beginning. Why? Because usually those people come with really bad habits, right? So it's a lot easier to train people on how you want to do it, or how you think rather than somebody else. So hire for coachability you want somebody with an eager desire somebody that has the same values and, and vision as you do, and, and wants to be able to execute in the way that you want them to. Okay, so coachability is number one. Number two, not following up on leads enough, how much do we see this, it's unreal. And I don't care what a sales agent tells you. They're not following up on leads enough. So if you can automate that by any chance, like in your CRM, or any way that it comes up for them in their phone calls, or whatever, that is the best way to do it, like just take it off their plate, they don't even need to know how many times they're following up. But I'll tell you one thing, if you follow up more, you're going to make more sales. Alright, number three, not asking for the sale. I mean, this happens all the time. Why does it happen? Because we get like worried or like, we throw something out there. And we're hoping that they're like, Yeah, I want to buy that. But that's usually not the case, especially with insurance, they want to think about it the you know, they're following up with a bunch of different people, they need a little bit of a push, just flat out, ask them and ask them say, Hey, I'm gonna follow up with you a lot, I'm really passionate about what I do. So if you don't want me to let me know that, hey, I don't want this amazing coverage, I don't want this, I don't want that, like, let them tell you that or follow up on them and follow up a lot. Okay, not asking for the sale. Number four, not connecting what they want to what you have, it's all about what they want, not about your policy, or this feature or this benefit it could be, but find out a little bit more about them. So that so that you're connecting what they actually want, like they had a situation, they probably fill out a lead form online, they're looking for insurance, they're talking to different people they have, but there's a reason for that. But the reason for that is what you need to find and then connect your thing to that your product to that your policy to that maybe some extra policies, maybe somebody you know that you know, in your center of influence that could help them as well with what up whatever else they're doing. If they're buying a house, you know what I mean? Like, that is so important to find out what they want, because that's all that matters. Okay. Number five, only talking about insurance, I used to say when we ran a ton of sales meetings is when you call somebody about insurance, don't talk about insurance, like actually connect a lot of times that we get in to kind of robot mode because there's so many different pieces of information to ask for that it's like we take the human element out of it. And if that's the case, we might as well just have ai do it. Right. So your competitive advantage is being human. So dude, talk about life, more stuff about them, their family, what they like, again, it's about them not about you. Okay, number six, not having KPIs. Every buddy needs KPIs, everybody needs some number of different activities that they're doing to get the goal. Because at the end of the day, all businesses map, of course, we want to connect, we talked about connecting, you know, that is the heart that we're connecting with, but the like, we need the math as well because we know if we reach out to so many different clients, or prospects a day we know that a certain number will convert. So even even on the service team, as well just make sure everybody has KPIs and this gives them a clear vision of exactly what to do that day. They know exactly what to do and what's expected. And you know, that, hey, if they do this, we're gonna get this number, right. KPIs are everything for every position, and then number seven, is not holding your team accountable. It's so easy to have KPIs and not check them. Right? I mean, the hardest thing to do is like have those conversations sometimes especially when people aren't following those KPIs. But dude, it's just a conversation. And it's just a, hey, let's get this back on track. It's coaching. You got to be coachable. You have to coach it's the way an organization wins. So that's seven mistakes that insurance agents make that they should avoid. To maximize sales. You do this and you'll dominate in your agency.

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